Getting Started.

The First Step.

We’ve all been there…. On the brink of wanting to do something new, whether it’s to lose weight, get stronger, broaden your horizons, get your life out of a rut. 

The hardest part is taking that first step.  We’ve done our best to make your first step as easy and comfortable as possible.

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For the longest time, the endurance athlete was always seen as the “most fit.”  But why should someone who has the world record triathlon time be considered “more fit” than someone with a world record 400m sprint time?  Or someone with the world record deadlift weight?  Why does one feat of athleticism make someone more “fit” than someone else? Ask yourself this question… “What is fitness?”  Do you have an answer?  When I ask people, I usually get a lot of blank stares, confused looks, and puckered mouths, but not a lot of answers. It’s a very broad, encompassing term. he first place.

$110 / session

I'm new to Crossfit

What we'll be doing at training session
$55 / session

Not my first Roadeo

What we'll be doing at training session
$150 / session


What we'll be doing at training session