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Jared was born and raised in Round Rock, Texas and graduated from Round Rock High School in 2004. He was very active in baseball, basketball, and golf.
Jared played golf for Abilene Christian University and graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Human Relations in 2009. Jared’s fitness regimen ranged from weightlifting to triathlons. Six years ago his neighbor introduced him to CrossFit. He started CrossFit coming off a back injury from an ATV accident, and it changed his flexibility, and helped regain his core strength. Continuing with CrossFit as his primary fitness training, he went on to win 8 The Tactical Games Elite events and become national champion of The Tactical Games for two years in a row. Jared remains active competing in 3 gun and Long Range Rifle Competitions, however has retired from TTG as a competitor. In January of 2021 Jared took over as the owner of The Tactical Games. He is a husband and father of two.


Kasey grew up in Round Rock, Texas and graduated from Round Rock High School in 1998. She loves watching sports, but did not participate in any during school.  

She went on to graduate with her Doctorate in Pharmacy from the University of Texas at Austin in 2005.  She currently practices as a full time pharmacist, is a wife, and the mother of two. Throughout college and after, her workout regimen consisted of workout videos and large gym memberships.  It was over 6 years ago when her neighbor introduced her and her husband to CrossFit.  After starting CrossFit, Kasey has been able to accomplish things she had not been able to do in the past, and gain strength, flexibility, stamina, and confidence. 

In September 2019,  Kasey obtained her CrossFit level 1 certification and began coaching in December that same year.  She finds it to be such a rewarding experience to watch people change, reach personal goals, and witness the fight and grind for that last rep.


Jake grew up in Arlington, Texas and graduated from Martin High School in 2008. He played 2 years of baseball at Louisiana Monroe and 2 years at Angelo State University. He went on to graduate from Angelo State University with a degree in exercise science. Jake started CrossFit in 2011 in San Angelo, Texas. Since starting he has obtained his CrossFit level 1, level 2, scaling, and anatomy certifications.  

Jake started, opened, and operated RockIt CrossFit from 2013 until selling in 2020. His desire to be involved in CrossFit was just not in owning a gym, but he was also involved in the CrossFit games. He was a CrossFit judge at the games from 2013 to 2016, and an equipment lead at the games from 2017 to 2019. When not coaching Jake is the Events Director for The Tactical Games.


Jessica grew up in Milton, FL and was a cheerleader for Woodham High School. In addition to cheering, she competed on their cheerleading competition squad, and studied weightlifting and powerlifting.  Jessica graduated from Milton High School in 2003. 

Jessica attended the University of West Florida and earned her Bachelors in Theater. She was also a member of the Pensacola’s leading improv troupe. 

She started CrossFit in 2012, and enjoyed the varied programs, and the levels of modifications available. Jessica obtained her level 1 CrossFit certification in 2015, and coached in Marietta, GA.  She soon moved to Texas and continued coaching at a local gym. 

Jessica was awarded her 1st degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. When not coaching she is a wife, and mother of two. 


Kasey was born and raised in Mariupol, Ukraine. She moved to the United States of America in 2011. Kasey attended Georgetown High School where she played Lacrosse and Volleyball. As an athlete throughout school she loved a challenge so when she joined CrossFit, she felt an instant love for the sport. She started CrossFit in 2018 and has continued ever since. Kasey got her CrossFit Level 1 certification in November 2020 and began coaching at a local gym. Her goal is to help you demolish your goals with perfect form and fall in love with the sport like she did. Her favorite thing about CrossFit is heavy weights. When not coaching, she enjoys hiking, exploring, trying new foods and spending time with her puppies.


Hannah's passion for fitness was ignited during her childhood in Michigan, where she spent her days wakeboarding, snowboarding, and running in the great outdoors. Her dedication to sports continued in high school, where she excelled at soccer and volleyball and graduated in 2010. Hannah pursued a degree in Business Administration from Purdue University Global, all the while continuing to explore her love for health and fitness through various HIIT programs and running regimes.

In 2018, Hannah took her fitness journey to the next level by starting CrossFit in her garage. Impressed with the results and drawn to the community, she joined a box in 2020, where she discovered the power of the CrossFit ethos. In February 2023, Hannah earned her CrossFit Level 1 certification. She is now determined to share her expertise and help others achieve their fitness goals.

Beyond the gym, Hannah is a dedicated parent who homeschools her three children and has been happily married for 11 years. When she's not coaching, she enjoys natural living, home renovation, and baking. Hannah knows firsthand how hard it can be to balance a busy schedule and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Her welcoming and supportive approach to coaching creates a safe space for anyone who walks through the doors, empowering them to reach their full potential.


Kandy started CrossFit 5 years ago, after primarily working out at a big gym. She was always scared to try weight training, and then through CrossFit she found community and her love for barbell movements. Kandy is from Arizona, and has been in Texas for 4 years. She has a BS in business and MBA. When not coaching, she is a licensed real estate agent, wife, and mother of 4.